Cease and Desist…

Today I checked my email and I received a notice from people I never thought would email me. haha The legal teams of both 12th planet and Skrillex were requesting a cease and desist on the Wobble Land shirt in my last post.

While surprised at the email, I was also semi expecting this someday.

You see, when you make a design using logos or names of other parties without the proper legal consent from their management its illegal to produce the said design.

With this project, like my others, I was not looking to gain any profit from the shirts. I have only sold shirts for one shirt prior and I charged exact pricing for them and actually ended up losing money but who cares! I dont do these projects for the money, I do them to spread word about the brand as well as show support for the acts.

So I will not be producing the Wobble Land shirts for purchase as of this moment.

Further plans are unknown as of now.

Get Rough, Stay Up


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