Ok so here are all the events I will be attending in the couple weeks…. you should go too.

Well this Thursday I am going to King King in Hollywood for The Do Lab‘s newest production Kraddy and An-ten-nae.( You remember me mentioning An-ten-nae because I made that LowRiderz/PantyRaid shirt a little while back) I will be making a shirt or two for the show so look out for a post on that.

Keegan Gibbs is having his first Solo show and it is at the one and only Known Gallery on Fairfax. I cannot stress how stoked I am for this show and how much you NEED to be there. Keegan is one of the best photographers of our generation for sure. The life he leads and photographs can rarely be captured by another, done with the style and determination he does it in, His photos are not to be missed. He was the videographer for the most anticipated Graffiti documentary of last century, Piece of Mind, problems with distribution lead to it not being released passed a couple of theater debuts.He is also a part of the world famous Seventh Letter Crew, hence his known gallery show. He is also my favorite photographer and a somewhat close acquaintance as of this last year. Since meeting him he has only encouraged what I do and helped guide me if I asked. Thanks Keegan, Congrats on the show and I cant wait for it man!

If you dont know of him please check out his blog.

While at home in the bay I will hopefully be attending an art show for giraffa. if you dont know the name, there is too much to tel for just this post. I am so stoked he’s out and I really hope I can attend this thing.

And of course, no introduction needed

Get Rough, Stay Up


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