It came and went…

Wobble Land 2011.

Ok so before I get into the few pictures I have from the show let me rant.

This event was both AMAZING and run AMAZINGLY badly. The people they got to play it were incredible but it was done all wrong. They announced the show as if it were just 6 djs playing and kept that going up until about a week before the show. It was NERO, Skrillex, 12th planet, kastle, Datsik and Jakwob. Fucking amazing until they announced the suprise of “there are 2 stages! ” like it was something awesome. That meant, skrillex at the same time as nero, datsik same time as 12th planet and jakwob same time as kastle and then they threw in a bunch of openers to fill time.

I am not mad at the stage thing really, just mad that I was made to believe I was going to a show where I was seeing all these amazing people one after the other on one stage and then to find out that I can really only see half of them or miss there sets? That’s ridiculous. The promotion just wasn’t thought out well, I mean hello my wobble land page comes up on a google search before any of theirs does. haha

Not to mention dont pick a venue that cant hold the capacity for the acts you picked.

OK ranting done….

Minnesota – This dude seriously owned! blew me away and I can’t wait to catch another one of his sets.

Kastle – Sad he didnt play his new glitch mob remix but his set was killer none the less.

12th Planet – Dude is a BEAST! Seriously, the hype he attains at his live shows is just incredible.

Thats all folks. My video camera died before the show and I forgot to take more photos while I was there. haha next show I will be more prepared.

Here is a link to a video from the start of skrillex’s set. – credit Vacay Music Blog

One from the end – credit The Filth

After the show, I got to meet Skrillex and Datsik outside of our hotel. They were staying on the floor below ours. Cranking dubstep till 6 am….. haha love that shit. SF lifestyle.

Till the next one…

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