losing Control…

* Please excuse the very large watermark on the photos, I was taking pictures for the club so I have to take extra precaution per request

Last night was my first time ever going to , both, The Avalon in Hollywood and Control.

This is what I walked into.

I made my way in to the main room where the opener had people already raging.

I didn’t catch his name and I can’t find it on a flyer but he was awesome. If anyone has info.. let me know

And Then…

I am falling in love with house music. I haven’t always been a huge fan and now I just can’t get enough (good) house music.

Mr.White definitely brought that…

Instantly the crowd was on it and you could see it in their faces…

I went to the front room to meet up with the guy who got me in, Eddie Vela.

He was already hard into his set so we didn’t get a chance to connect at the show but we’ll be talking soon I’m sure. I hope to be doing more photographing and promoting with him in the near future…

Back in The White Cave…

Mr.White still killing it hard. He dropped some crazy tracks, including Skrillex, Dr.Dre, JayZ, some A-trak and im pretty sure I heard a Nero sample in there. What ever it was, Amen to that.

This was my first time really observing the goings on at a show like this and I loved the new point of view. Saw a lot of this going on…

Some people there saw I was taking pictures so I snapped a few uncandids…

Love the girl hiding her face with a Rough and Greedy card^^^^^^

I had to bounce before Kid Sister unfortunately. Next time that won’t be the case.

While heading down Hollywood, theses guys recognized me from the show. So I passed them some cards and snapped a few shots.

*If you are someone in these pictures, Contact me for the photo and info 🙂

It was great night to say the least. Found out Le Castle Vania and Paparazzi were in attendance, as well as Kill The Noise for his Birthday. Happy brithday dude!

Hope I can do this again…

Get Rough,Stay Up


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