Sample that shit…

Everything I do takes me a while to actually finish. I am always getting myself into more projects while I am involved in 2 others but thats how it goes when I am trying to spread my name as far as I can.

Here are samples of basically all the work I have been doing. Only one of these projects is actually finished and a couple are just ideas, hope you like them

Logo for DamDan of DegBass. Coming together. Finished logo for Dani Once of DegaBass.

Just a pitch I am working around. Can you guess who its for?

Logo for these girls I kind of know, Jacie Rene and Lindsay Renee

Graphic I am working on for a shirt collab.

Another sample of the glitch mob graphic. Different color scheme than the last. 🙂

And of course to end the sample post I have to talk about J Dilla,

I love this guy. I know everyone who knows of him says that but it’s hard not to. He was a producer like no other, finding influences in things that people in his “scene” would never have looked to. Biggest tragedy is that he was takin from this world as his fan base was growing but isn’t that always how it is with the great ones? People laughed at VanGough while he was alive, but he is still talked about in books, classes, lectures and museums all around the world.Rest in Peace Dilla, and Happy Birthday.

Get Rough, Stay Up


About rough and greedy

Street life : Design : Street wear Get Rough, Stay Up
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