No body gets out ALIVE…

Yesterday I went on a painting adventure with one of my new graff friends here in LA. The location will remain undisclosed but I can show you these pics.

This was built up as a Nazi sympathizing compound. A man known only as “herr schmidt” owned and operated the compound with about 30-40 other Nazis. It was shut down shortly after D-day. Herr Schmidt died while “in captivity”

It was cool being taken to this spot because I recognized it from a Seventh Day Project video which meant a couple big timers had been there,

Exploring the compound more, we found different buildings that looked like they used to house generators, mechanics, and even found their water tower. I threw a Seventh Letter sticker on the ladder for good measure

We chose the main Generator room to paint in… and so it began

I wont show my piece, cause well, I don’t show my graff stuff on here but I can show you this…

I was bumping Le Casle Vania’s Bulletproof tiger remix the whole time.

Here is my friend Pike, Doin his thing…

I put up some friends while I was there too 🙂

Finishing Touches…

Get Rough, Stay Up


About rough and greedy

Street life : Design : Street wear Get Rough, Stay Up
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