Rants and Raves…

Well not much I can update you guys on right now. I have a bunch of projects with other people in the works but I am either not at liberty to discuss and share them or I am simply waiting for something to happen.

Finally the Oscars are over, Banksy did not win. Thank god. I am above all else a supporter and creator of, what the world is now plainly referring to as “street art”, but I would have been very sad to see “Exit through the gift shop” win. It was way over hyped and did not deserve the award. It was a great documentary, do not get me wrong, but there wasn’t any value to it other than being the only graffiti documentary this year created by a controversial candidate.

Banksy is an artist. All these new found fans of his through this movie see him as a “prankster” or someone who likes to play jokes on people through his art. THAT IS NOT WHAT HE DOES. He creates art with an underlying message, this message may sometimes be in a humorous way but if he does that, it is to show that the only way to draw your attention to the problem is to create a joke out of it. I can’t tell you how many times I heard “I bet the whole documentary was fake” from these new found fans of his. People who jump to conclusions about this illusive artist when they haven’t even known his name for more than 6 months tops. If Banksy was going to fool you with a documentary, it would have been something way more intense.

Oh and Mr. Brainwash is a piece of shit. He walked the red carpet at the oscars, riding the coattail of Banksy’s name now because everyone knows he is not a real artist or director. Fucking Fake. Fraud. Thief. Scumbag. Hack. Loser. All these names fit him more than his own.

Moving on…

The next big show I am going to be attending is this…

I went last year with my friends and made tees if you recall. This time I hope to do it bigger and better. We will see what happens…

Heres a little sneak of some work i’m doing for a clothing company some of you may know…

Get Rough, Stay Up


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