New bounds….

These days I find myself struggling. Its just one thing after another, but I don’t like to complain. I see too many people voicing every complaint they have on twitter and facebook and I think to myself “why did you post that?”. To have people pity what you are going through? Everyone is going through something and your complaining helps no one.  I like to keep in mind that I know where im going, where I want to go and how I want to get there. Life is uncontrollable and forever changing so the path won’t be direct but it will be exciting along the way.

This last week was awesome for me. I picked up a side job painting some logos for a Coffee Bean event. They had the National Barista Competition on Sunset Blvd at Siren Studios. There was a music area where they had various acts play the three nights they were there and I painted behind them.

I did not paint the girl in the middle. That was done by the artist of the event, her name is Misha. i did both logos in a total of about 3 hours. I wish I could have touched up the lines more but there was no time and they LOVED them anyways.

They wanted the “urban” hand painted feel to the logos. I went with a elementary “banksy” style lettering for the Music Cares logo.

Then I got to throw my logo on the wall too. I made a stencil looking cut for the wall. Gonna have to make this a regular design.

This week I also had some meetings with Nike and friends I have there. They were awesome meetings and it was so great meeting with more people and getting to talk about street wear, sports wear and other brands out in the scene. Plus I got to talk about myself which I can do FOR DAYS. haha

I picked these up while I was there. Can’t find any info on them being available here yet but if not im sure they are releasing soon.

Hyperfuse Dunks

The hyper fuse technology means no seams and no stitching.

They wear great and are super light and comfortable. Definitely a must cop for Dunk lovers.

Here is to this next month. Lots of things opening up but I am trying to nail something down and keep myself consistent, or at least remotely sane. Here’s to trying.

Get Rough, Stay Up


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