One Stop Shop…

My plans are not like everyone’s. I do not simply want to have a brand, I want to be one. I have grown into being a designer through other means.

I started out making my own clothing in 2003. Cutting up shirts and sewing them together, painting on them (stencils and free hand), sewing up my backpack and basically destroying my parent’s garage while doing so.

My dad discovered a Company called Nice Collective. A menswear brand that takes details and clothing construction to a new level.

This pushed me toward screen printing in later years and working at a shop where I learned the ins and outs of ordering garments as well as how to print and take care of shirts.

I slowly started finding out about clothing brands and really noticing things in the street wear scene. Finding out about the hundreds and johnny cupcakes lead me into graphic designing. I had played around with photoshop while making flyers for my band in high school but it had never gone farther than that. Once I graduated and didnt have my own computer with the software I didnt think about it.

I interned at Nice Collective for about 6 months before starting school, learning processes that fuel my clothing design and eye for fashion to this day. I am always looking for the details and the craftsmanship that go into garments now and if they are lacking, then i’m out.

All this leads me to who I am now and what I do. I want to be a One Stop Shop. I want to know how to do everything I love because then I can do it how I want and can hand produce everything I want.

Segue into today, I made my first mix. A new frontier I have set my eyes on is becoming a DJ. I have been playing around with all the programs needed to do so since I first played on serato the day of WobbleLand last year.

This is just the beginning for me in this realm. I just started interning for an amazing party DJ here in LA (more to come on that soon) and I am always making friends with new artists. I can’t wait to start making real mixes and remixes. There is so much to learn and I am open to all of it.

Here is the Art I made for the Mix

My camera is dead right now so I have no new pictures but here are a couple I took around when I first moved to LA.

and one of my parents dog, Lula…

Get Rough, Stay Up


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