Get Dirty 3-D…

Went to Downtown LA to find shirts for printing…

Saw this HUGE Stairwell graff from TNC.Love seeing this in LA…

So my Good friends over at Seeking The Throne helped me with this project. They have a space set up to run samples before producing shirts but they made an exception for me and we grinded (yea elias, you know!) the whole job out ourselves.

I Love Screenprinting….

And I didnt take orders for these, which im sure ill do next time but gotta keep it a little limited for myself…. (also im wearing a white tee)

I cant thank everyone enough for making this my first REAL print project. Seeking The Throne really made this happen for me and this project is going to blow minds at the show. We are rolling like 16 deep in shirts and some of the Djs will be rocking them too. Thank you to all my friends for loving this music as much as I do and wanting to show support through my brand!

Get Rough, Stay Up

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4 Responses to Get Dirty 3-D…

  1. Dan says:

    When you go out to the garmet district to find blanks, do you usually go during the week? I live in SD and can only roll up there on the weekends to get blanks and a lot of spots are closed. The only spots that have t-shirt blanks is in the men’s sportwear area on the southwestern part of the district and stuff is very limited. Usually just some AAA and that Pro Sport brand or whatever. There are a lot of people that stock irregulars and try to sell them as first quality. I’d like to know if its worthwhile going up there during the week to find a better selection of bodies.

    • Hey Dan,
      This time I went during the week. I have only been one other time than this one. I think that if you are doing a big enough project or maybe picking up shirts for future orders, its totally worth the trip because as you said there is more selection. Everyone down there is selling the same shit and you just have to find the best deal, plus if you are buying a lot then bargaining is useful too. You can find color tees for $2 a piece though so its hard to beat that. 🙂 Thanks for the question and for looking at the blog!

  2. Laura howett says:

    I am so amazed and honored… You ROCK!! HARD!! So excited..

    Thanks so much.. The printing is amazing !!


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