Get Dirty Days – 103 Harriett – 2011

Let me start by saying thank you to everyone who supported this project and to all the Djs of the night for loving it and for KILLING IT! It really was an amazing show.  Special shout out to Seeking the Throne again for the printing.

This project has been my first REAL print project since starting Rough and Greedy last year and I am so stoked that it was. I learned so much and have already thought about what to do next time and how to make it better. I just can’t wait till the next Get Dirty!

Jacie Rene modeling the get dirty shirt before I packed them up.

I made shirts last minute because I was going to the Mimosa Show on Thursday night with my friend Noelle and we had to have shirts!

This is what my thursday night looked like…

Kudos Mimosa

Waking up in San Francisco is the best…

I spent the day observing the Graff around my favorite parts of the city…

Getting Dirty…


Video I got of the show. (I always forget to take pictures at shows)

What a great night. Another special thanks to Ooah, Marty Party, Laura, Antennae, Lando Kal and Low Limit I hope you all love the shirts! Can’t wait to see you all again.

Friend’s are the best…

Get Rough, Stay Up


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