I’m still new at this…

A lot goes into the production of shirts and graphics for that matter.

There are many steps a design takes before it is seen publicly and before it is put into production. Often something like layout, revision, reveal, revision, final, then print. So many pairs of eyes see the design before its released. This helps in preventing errors and in getting perspectives from more than one source on how the graphic really looks.

Why am I talking about this? Well, as most of you know, I recently completed my first actual print project for the Get Dirty show in SF. You all saw the progression of the graphic and the anticipation building behind the show. Well, I guess everyone was so blind (including me from looking at the design too much) that no one saw this…

It was pointed out by Jacie Rene’s uncle while we were talking about the show and I was dumb struck.

“how could I not see that?” I thought. “How did no one notice that?” and then i just laughed it off. Nothing you can do once its been printed but still. I will never over look details in a design again. I consider myself very design and detail oriented and this is just a hilarious flaw.

To all those who have a shirt, Enjoy. There wont be another one like it 😉

Get Rough, Stay Up


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