I started doing graffiti 5 years ago.

That is still new in the game. I have not been around and experienced as much as half the people I look up to in this world.

I have paid for doing my art. I have been in trouble and done the whole thing. I believe that graffiti artists are the only artists that knowingly put themselves on the legal line for their art, there is something to be said about that.

When I first started, I did my research. I learned the history and drew from it all. I fell in love with freights in the begging. I could not get enough and living near a train yard was amazing. Through that I started noticing these LA guys, then Piece by Piece came into my life and really showed me where to go next.

This lead me to Revok.

Drawing a lot of influence from he and Augor (zeser, eklips and a couple others) when they were getting Billboards together, before I moved to LA I relied on KzerGabeGallery (RIP) for all my info and pictures. These guys were huge to me. Larger than life.

Moving here I met Revok the first weekend I moved. He and all the other MSK fam were in the house at the, then, brand new Known Gallery. It was really a night that changed my life. Meeting all these people that create this art I love, it was breath taking. My recent friend, met at the first knowgallery show, Keegan Gibbs snapped this picture at the show and sent it to me after.

Very sad to hear his sentencing. I know this is a little late but I stumbled on this pic and felt I needed to do it.

I fully support Revok in all that he does and same for the whole Seventh letter Crew. I thank them for their inspiration and guidance when I have asked for it.

Get Rough, Stay Up


About rough and greedy

Street life : Design : Street wear Get Rough, Stay Up
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