The music’s not over…

Along side putting together two mixes, school work, actual work, design work and my own personal life, I am also sketching up the designs for what will be the first collection from Rough and Greedy.

Its fun putting together ideas, seeing what can be done versus what should be done. Then designing pieces that flow together but also stand out on their own. I also love when certain collections have themes or reoccurring underlying messages, so be on the look out for that.

I know everyone says, “it’s all about details.” but I really believe it. Its always been that way for me since I began to make my own clothing. Little stiches, messages, repeated patterns. You can see it in true designer lines like Benny Gold and Nice Collective. The details put into their clothing are the kind of things I am talking about.

No telling when the first collection will be done as of now but I can assure you we will have some other apparel releasing along the way.

I am also working on another project that I will talk about more in the future but here is one of the first designs from it….

Get Rough, Stay Up


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One Response to The music’s not over…

  1. Claudette says:

    I like it! Love the font…very cool. I want one 🙂

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