Wow people. LOTS going on.

Finished the first mix, Finally! Its being mastered still but first one checked off the mixing list. Finishing up the second one now but taking a little time to evaluate some new music I have been getting.

Planning a new event for this upcoming month for my “Shirts for Shows” project. Its going to be June 17th at the Mighty in San Francisco. Gramatik and Low Limit with Siren and Bogl.

Never seen Gramatik but have heard amazing things. SO stoked for his headlining tour.

LOVE Low Limit, the dude is a boss and I can’t wait to reconnect with him again at this show. He is part of Lazer Sword so he was a part of the last project as well.

Siren… What can’t I say about him. He opened for eskmo about a year ago in Hollywood and completely blew my mind(also kinda stole the show). Looking forward to the same kind of experience in a hometown show.

I have seen Bogl close the show many a time at 103 harriett. I assume that’s what he will be in the house for. I didnt get him a shirt at the last show so this one, He’s on it! and he will be receiving one too.

We are still figuring out color ways and numbers for the design. Will be releasing it soon.

Also releasing in the next week will be pre orders for my first release. More info on that coming soon.

Get Rough, Stay Up


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One Response to Activity…

  1. Tom says:

    Fuck yeah dude. Lemme know when the pre-orders are up for grabs!

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