Get Rough, Stay Up…

I have now been making mixes and using Dj programs for just over 4 months. I can’t tell you how much I have learned and how much I can only imagine is left. This journey is on the way up…how far it goes is up to me.

That being said, I have been talking about releasing 2 mixes simultaneously. Was shooting for a little earlier release but timing is everything. These mixes will be going out in every shirt order with printed sleeves including the art work and a track list on the back, They will also be releasing online the first day of shipping the shirts (should be next week)

The first mix: Get Rough

Dubstep and melodic driven shell with a hard electro house center, then finishes off with some hard stepping. 🙂

The second: Stay Up

House Music. Electro, some dutch and straight house. Then with a little tip of dubstep to set the ending off.

Really can’t wait to release these mixes to you guys. SO fucking stoked on them.

So stoked in fact that I NEED to give you something now, so I was making an all dubstep mix for a good friend of mine and it turned out too good to keep to myself.

Prism Bass:


Give it a listen and let me know what you think. PLEASE DOWNLOAD IT if you can. 🙂

Get Rough, Stay Up


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One Response to Get Rough, Stay Up…

  1. Tom says:

    This. Shit. Is. Off. The. Hook.

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