Back to the roots…

This all started with Graffiti.

All of it.

Even looking back on my clothing making. I was inspired by other things but in its basic form I was always using graffiti. Rough and Greedy came from a Graffiti crew that my best friend and I formed back in ???? and it has become what you see me doing today. In the process though, I always love to come back to the roots. I just cant get away.

My camera has been dead (no charger) but now I have one again! so expect more photo updates like this.

Shout out to BVRS here cause he is a BEAST! This dude is really holding down the game in SF (my opinion) and here he is on the 5. Love it.

Speaking of the Bay…

The man, Vogue TDK and Cran. Both from the east bay.

Back in LA. The more I see ZUS the more i repect the guy. His style isnt the best and he is an artist that repeats the same letters with new color schemes but its the spots he hits that impress me. Respect.

Could say the same for this guy. Style is pretty cool but he is really a bomber and that’s what I respect him for.

And a freeway shot from LA. RASA. Dude is up a lot down by the 110 -10 transfer. just sayin.

Get Rough, Stay Up


About rough and greedy

Street life : Design : Street wear Get Rough, Stay Up
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