Never slept so soundly, than with your breath on my neck…

I have to start back in ’03. I was 15yrs old and a local band I really liked and had becomes friends with , Dexter Danger, was playing a show in Oakland at the iMusicast. I had never been to a show by myself let alone in Oakland but I convinced my dad to let me go.

Once I had the approval, I stared looking into the show. Realizing that I hadn’t heard of a couple of the bands, I did some research and found that I had heard the headlining band before. They were a band on Drive thru records, A really BIG record label/influence in my life at the time housing numerous other bands I loved, and I had heard their “single” on a drive thru mix.

This band was the RX Bandits.

I got my dad to download their cds, progress and the resignation, for me (i didnt know how to do it yet then, haha oh the internet) and I crammed listening to a mix like 200 times into one week and was pumped for the show.

Needless to say the trip to Oakland was exactly what a kids first trip is always like. Took the bus with my cd player all the way to bart. Had never taken bart before on my own so that was interesting. All the way to Oakland where I took a cab to the show (dads orders) even though, as we arrived, I figured out it was 3 blocks from the bart. Left my phone in the cab and didn’t notice till I was inside, luckily the cab driver had found it and I got it back as I was walking to BART.

The show was amazing. I had never seen a band like RXB before and I was so little then and the crowd was pushing against the stage so hard that I had to sit on the stage, right under Matt Embry for the entire show.

Fast Forward almost 10 years and here we are, The Rx Bandits final show in LA at the Mayan Theater, Downtown LA.

Here is a video clip of their intro to the show. Sound quality is not so good, guess I was covering the Mic speaker. Fail.

I wont soon forget all this band has given me and exposed me to. I have seen them at least 6 times now,  time flies when you are having fun.

Get Rough, Stay Up


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