Inside the Music Box…

This week has been a bummer with HARD hanging over head and knowing that I simply could not afford to go. Then friday night my good friend Chris texts me and says “feed me tickets are $20 till midnight, you want one?” of course I jumped at the chance. Ive been waiting to see Feed Me for almost 8 months, missing a couple chances to see him before.

So me being me, I started thinking of a shirt to make immediately, by the end of the night I had the design sketched and knew what to do. This would be the next Shirts For Shows project.  The next day I got some shirts from target (hate going there for shirts but when duty calls at 5pm on a Saturday and the fashion district is closed) and the rest is told here through pictures…

So fun throwing together a project like this! its what I live for…

On to the show…

The opening DJ (NOT dip vertigo’s electro opener.. i missed that) was not so great. Sorry to be harsh but he was playing an electro/dubstep show and only played Moombahton (or however you spell it), it was really weak. (My Opinion, crowd seemed to enjoy it a little)

Then, Resident LA Beatdown DJ, DipVertigo OWNED IT. He seriously brought up the mood immediately after getting on the tables. It was AMAZING. I will for sure be checking out future events that he is apart of.

*Guest photo by good friend Hella Kitty

I love Rave kids. Just be safe out there people. Its all about Love! 🙂

Dip Vertigo passes it off to the man Computer Club , who threw an AMAZING set. Seriously non stop fun from this man here.

Never seen him before but I will say, Probably won’t ever miss a show of his again.

and then it happened….


I Love this guys producing. It is seriously so awesome. From remixes to original tracks, I just love it and that was NO different live. He just continued to impress as the show went on. I was dancing near the front and was showing off the tee, This one hype girl was super awesome and put on a shirt my friend chris had taken off.

**Rest of the photos and the video also taken by Chris Goodman

Here is a video of ^^this girl getting a little photo shoot on with the shirt! Watch till near the end when the music drops and the mights get bright… then you can see it…

It was amazing. Really need to find some photos from the show and see if there are any of the tee. The Photographer was gone by the end of feed me so I didnt get a name or card.

And to top it off two girls from the crowd got feed me to sign one of the shirts for them, haha and then he held up the other for a little photo. He seems like an awesome dude. (thats the girl from the video in the back takin a picture)

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