There’s a party in my Pance, you can come if you’d like…

I’ve decided to start making all of you more aware of the things that I am interested in, as well as the things that I am doing.  Therefore I cordially invite you to the PANCE PARTY!

*image copy written to pance party, get it when you download the EP 🙂

This group was recently introduced to me, for the second time. Jacie Rene had shown me their music but due to my naivete early electronic stage, I just skipped right over it. BIG MISTAKE.

These guys are a trio from San Francisco that make electronic music I can only describe as next level. They have very versatile styles and can make anything sound like its all they do. PanceParty have done an official Benny Benassi remix and have an upcoming Skrillex remix that I, honestly, cannot fucking wait for.

I rediscovered all of this by finding the business card for The Super Best Friends Club founder, Phil Reyneri, at my house and that leads us to now. This post and my amazement this week at this music. I haven’t heard music with this much potential come straight out of SF in a while. This is me supporting the bay and all it has to offer. Check these guys out! They are not just Dj/producers, TheSBFC dabbles in all areas of art which is what sets Pance Party and others apart from the rest. THEY do it all so it all FEELS the same. There is no disconnect from the album art or design to the actual production of the music because the same minds created it all. Really inspires me.

Check out their site and download all the free music they give out! especially the Rainbow Road EP!


and check out the Super Best Friends Club’s site as well for loads of other music and cool designing.


Get Rough, Stay Up


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