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Time to escape…

So I posted last week about working with my Friend SlimeCity on some projects cooming up, well here are some clips of some of the work. This has really been an awesome project so far. Messing with ideas as I … Continue reading

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Spitfire …

All photos taken with an iPhone and Instagram on the iPhone So this past Friday, my friend Chris and I decided to go to the Avalon for Control. There were a couple djs we had heard of but never seen … Continue reading

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Rando …

Life is crazy guys. Just know that. I haven’t had much time recently to keep up on posts. I’ve been trying to keep up just on work and bills myself. Here are some random photos from outings over the past … Continue reading

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Reckless Bass Hooligan …

So I hung out with the dude, Slime City yesterday for some all around shop talk. Chris and I were introduced a while back while I was printing at the old STT workshop after I had heard a bunch about … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about designing for a second… Simplicity is key in today’s designing world. People may have their own opinions on different projects but over all simplicity is taking over in design and I love it. Some is over simplified … Continue reading

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Nothing to Post about….

Guys… I got nothin. Im doing a mix later tonight but other than that, My week has been all school work and no fun times. Coming up on the last week of school for the quarter.(Back at it October 6th) … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday ///BONES!!!

Ok people, If you live in LA you need to be here on Friday…. I met ///Bones through my good friend Andrew Wickes around 4-5 months ago now at Control for Entienne De Crecy. Nicest Dude Ever. Once introduced, we … Continue reading

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