La Nieve …

Making these meetings a weekly thing…

My dude, Elias (feeding the streets) and I doin things…

Finishing up some designs and getting some future projects set up. Its always good times with Elias. We can talk and talk and talk. That’s when you know something is clicking.

We chilled on Melrose for a while and then headed to the Apple Pan to meet with up with a very influential Friend of ours…

This place is amazing. Seriously, if you haven’t been…. go.

That’s ShoeWolf, he spends his time influencing the people who really give a fuck about sneakers. He also helped coordinate part of the Sneaker Pimps Event happening this Saturday at The Avalon Hollywood. You may catch me there with a couple other key players, we will see how the weekend turns out.

* Check his logo I designed on there with some other awesome ones. Including the new Franalations Logo. DOPE.

Good Food, good friends, Good night.

Get Rough, Stay Up


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