No body gets out alive (part 2) …

I can only describe how this festival was for me in one word; Surreal. There were so many moments that now when I think back, I say to myself, “Did that really happen?” Did I just meet him? Did I just see that? Did He just say that? Did He just do that? Did WE just do that? It was crazy. A night of unforgettable moments and people.

Here is a photo slideshow showing the process of making the shirts followed by Le Castle Vania‘s Intro to his incredible set.

HE KILLED IT! I can stress enough how amazing this guy is live. Unbelievable.

Check out the gallery here of all the awesome people I met while at the show. Photos provided by various iPhones, cameras, The Cobra Snake, LA Weekly, OC Weekly, and Huffington Post

Again, Surreal. One of the best nights ever.

Thank you to all who wore a shirt and rocked out at the show! It was amazing making so many new friends and meeting so many amazing people. Until the next one…

Get Rough, Stay Up


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