Let’s talk about designing for a second…

Simplicity is key in today’s designing world. People may have their own opinions on different projects but over all simplicity is taking over in design and I love it. Some is over simplified of course but it is hard to pick apart the un-designed from the well designed. Most consumers won’t even make the distinction. They like it, they buy it and whats wrong with that?

To be completely honest, Nothing. I can judge all I want but there is nothing wrong with buying something simply because you like it even though the company may be shitty. Its being a designer and knowing the companies that care from the companies with money, that’s why I would rather wear clothing from companies that may charge more because they designed in house, made it in house and are making all the profit, no marking up for middle men. With these things aside, Designing is still what gets you.

Look at this shirt. Simple letter combination. Playing with a 3 color scheme. Small NYC to make the bottom heavier than the top also making it rectangular and leaving the top more “open” feeling so that the person wearing the shirt doesn’t appear more square. Also girls hate that shit.  This was done for Mighty Healthy NYC by the one and only 123KLAN.

Im trying to explain the fact that even though this design may seem just “thrown together so simply”, there is a lot of design thought put into it. Look at all these designs. No thought. No skill. Over printing of their logo. Used at least once on every shirt. Played out designs. A negative spray paint drip? they are also a “cult” and “the middle finger crew” … why are you trying to brand two different “group phrases” in one season? Just look at that gas mask print…. there are shotguns, paint drips, a gas mask, the logo twice, more “X” branding on both sides, ribbons for the lettering and childish graffiti letters to top it all off. im just sayin… you want to wear that shirt?

Thats all for this rant i guess. haha hope it makes sense.

Get Rough, Stay Up


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3 Responses to Simplicity…

  1. Fragabond says:

    The redundancy is what got me about the gas mask shirt right off the bat. Young and Reckless-Stay Reckless. I mean, it’s just not a good slogan to me. It’s like Rough and Greedy-Stay Rough and Greedy. It just sounds bad. And in my personal opinion, all those shirts are too loud and messy.

  2. anonymous says:

    i agree with you. BUT it should be noted that you do rip on other brands a lot, and you’re the guy who had pre-orders on shirts 3-4 months ago and have failed to produce. you are a good designer, but you can’t go around calling brands fake and weak if you haven’t even followed up on your first project. say what you want about other brands, but at least they are producing and following up when they said they would.

    • First off, Thanks for reading the blog dude. I completely agree with YOU on some of the stance of this argument.

      I am very opinionated and sometimes too much. I maybe should keep posts like this to myself just because of the pure sake of “putting down” other brands.

      Also you are semi correct on my “pre order” situations. I had pre orders up and took them down a while ago. you can now order shirts through my store. Those are not pre orders and yes they are not produced but when ordered can be produced. I have also done around 3 projects for myself and numerous design projects for clients/friends since posting those preorders.

      Thank you for the compliments and thank you for the observations 🙂 I will take them into consideration for future posts

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