Reckless Bass Hooligan …

So I hung out with the dude, Slime City yesterday for some all around shop talk.

Chris and I were introduced a while back while I was printing at the old STT workshop after I had heard a bunch about him and his music from Elias. As time passed we talked about doing a couple projects together but because of time/money constraints on my end, they never saw the light of day.

This time we talked about some projects that we are planning together, as well as some of the new music Chris has been producing.Very versatile beats. Dubstep, electro, house and even a slammin Moonbahton sound! (and I don’t like moombahton very much)

On top of it, Chris is one of the nicest guys you’ll meet. Super humble. Down to chill. We talked about creating music, the music scene, new records and we even played around with ableton for a minute. He showed me some basic song set up and then we played with shaping sounds.

Its funny how people can be so similar, yet so different and how similar music tastes can really bond different people. Chris (simplified) has been shaped by horror films, punk music and gothic images. I have been shaped by Graffiti, Pop punk/hardcore music and Love for design. We grew up in different kinds of neighborhoods with very different families but somewhere in there our mutual love for this electronic music is what makes us able to connect.

Here is Chris summed into one picture from his room. Daft Punk poster and a Mishka “Death” hat. Shows his gothic side and his obvious lighthearted spirit. Excited to see where Chris goes with everything and so glad I met him now.

Check out his SoundCloud Here

Get Rough, Stay Up


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