Spitfire …

All photos taken with an iPhone and Instagram on the iPhone

So this past Friday, my friend Chris and I decided to go to the Avalon for Control. There were a couple djs we had heard of but never seen so we got put on the list, invited some friends and it was a wrap. 😉

This show started off like some shows do, with a semi weak opener. I say semi weak cause I mean, yea this guy could mix really well and he had the energy goin but he played all Drum N Bass at a mainly Dubstep step show. Now for DnB heads, that’s cool and im even down with DnB in breakdowns or bridges of songs to keep the momentum (like Tigran Mimosa’s use of DnB) but I can not take a whole set. So we wondered around and played with the Random 3D tvs that Real 3-d had set up all over the place.

Then came Adam F.

This Guy KILLED IT. Literally, with no exaggeration, the BEST set I have ever seen at The Avalon. He was just on my level the whole time. Spinning songs from mixes ive recently done, spinning combos that I have chosen, songs ive been listening to all weak, songs I love and have never heard someone drop live and He even played a short 2 song Moombahton mix, so it was not too much (one of which was Porter Robinson’s “100% in the bitch” ) He was just on it. All Night. Fuckin Amazing. Never miss a chance to see Adam F. EVER.

Then Evol Intent Came on…

These guys were pretty cool. 1/3 of this Group is a dude named Computer Club, ever heard of him? He’s a boss. Saw him share the stage with FEED ME not too long ago and he was INSANE.

This time around I LOVED what he was spinning but the one of the other guys in E.I. was spinning mostly DnB. Not fun for me. So we took the opportunity and bounced up to the balcony to take a little break and we caught a light show. We were there with people who had never been to the Avalon. (btw if you have never been GO!)

Then Came High Rankin

Now I had never Heard of this guy other than a couple mentions on some flyers but he was the reason Chris wanted to come to the show. He threw it DOWN. HARD. I haven’t heard someone throw that hard of a dub set in SO LONG. It was the closest I can imagine being at a true euro dubstep show would be like. Let alone is the man a beast. Huge muscle dude, Big (handlebar)Mustache and looked to be around 6’5″ but he was goin off with the beats.

At one point his CDJ just cut out. Always a bummer when this happens but for some reason the crowd started booing, not cool at all in my eyes, but he covered really well. He started booing with the crowd in a mocking sense, then started fake crying at them (super fuckin funny) then started referring to the CDJ as a cunt and a bastard and then it started working again. haha It was a really enjoyable set. Will definitely be checking out High Rankin at shows in the future.

Its events and opportunities like this that make me love LA.

Here is a shot of Kaskade’s set from Nocturnal as well 🙂 My new and awesome friend Amanda sent me the pic and I put it into Instagram. Thanks again Amanda!

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  1. Amanda Lam says:

    Aw I love the picture! You’re the best Ryan!

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