Where the fence is low…

Currently Im listening to an array of differen’t things. I am really into this girl LIGHTS not just cause she is just so damn cute, but because I really enjoy the melodies she writes and I like her use of electro sounds. Im also listening to everything from KASKADE and this new DWNTWN remix from DJ SkeetSkeet on repeat as well.

Its all got me feeling fairly level headed. Im in an undecided place in my head right now though. Working on multiple projects, constantly having transportation issues, wokring out a personal life, building on the company and I am currently at school waiting to start possibly the hardest class of my entire schooling.

All this only has me thinking of every challenge life can bring. That no matter these challenges I face, I could always be faced with worse ones and there are people who are. SO why complain? Just realize what you have to do and deal with what you have to get it done.

Almost a year I took this picture. Capturing the moment before the drop when the DJ points to the crowd symbolizing  “allright guys, you know whats coming??? lets fuckin do this shit!” These are the moments I love.

I never imagined photographing moments like this before moving to LA, and this city has given me so much motivation to do what I love. Not only motivation but the skills and the opportunity. If you can’t make it here its cause you aren’t doing it right people. Good intentions create a positive outcome. Just remember that.

Get Rough, Stay Up


About rough and greedy

Street life : Design : Street wear Get Rough, Stay Up
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