Aether …

While leaving the Rebel 8 event yesterday I stumbled on this amazing little pop up shop. Blew my mind.

Aether Apparel . I can’t say much about this company yet because I just found out about them but they seem to be on the right track. Branching away from Streetwear, I originally got into clothing design through clothing like this. I have spoken before about a brand called Nice Collective from San Francisco.

These brands are similar but with VERY different aesthetics to their clothing. Aether is very minimalist and simple. Using better quality fabrics than you find on most windbreakers or jackets. NiCo while having a minimalist feel, they center on more of a message through graphics and the shape each season takes on.

This grey jacket is made from a fabric developed for fighter pilot jackets and vest. It is completely water proof, will keep you very warm but is also not too heavy. These are the details this company seems to be all about. The very essence of the jacket, its not just how it looks, its the thought and the meaning of it. If you can identify with this then you can understand why people would pay more for this jacket than for a jacket from the mall that cast half the price.

I will for sure be checking into this company in the future. If you want to go see this pop up shop, its down on third just past Crescent heights for 2 more weeks and then they are off to New York, Jackson hole and a couple other stops.

Get Rough, Stay Up


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