Its a New Era …

At the end of the day the plan became chillin with Elias (FeedingTheStreets). He was down at the shop with ShoeWolf cause they were “filming something” he says.

This is the scene when I walk in. Boss man chillin and Wolf is filming/streaming live with Tattoo and the gang are in house filming a special little edition of their show.  I walk in as Wolf is giving a break down of the Yeezy samples he has. Then I snapped this pic afterword.

From left to right

Thats Louiethe13th, Roscoe Umali , ShoeWolf , Tattoo and crew. Oh and the Yeezy’s I mentioned before.

The next guest in the building was some who, though I may not have recognized him, once I learned who he was…. I was pretty honored to have met him.

Thats Layzie Bone From Bone Thugs n Harmony doing some quick things with Tattoo. He spit a clean freestyle and blazed a bunch in the shop.

It was a good time for sure. Be sure to check out all their links and if there is a link to the show, Ill post it on here later.

After the Show was over, we took the shop back over for some good ol Boss Talk.

After some ideas had been exchanged, it was time to eat. So we took it on down the road to the nearest Chic fil a.

Spicy Chicken For Life.

After the grub we went to check out Wolf’s new den and see this view he talks about.

It was a great one. My lens couldnt capture all of downtown but you can see the amazing Disney concert hall from there.

A very solid day. Here’s a shot of the lone Wolf in his tower as we parted ways for the night.

Get Rough, Stay Up


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