We’ll always be bringin the funk …

Started as just a night to get some food and have some conversations but there is no telling what you’ll find on Melrose ave.

New toy art gallery, TAG, was having an opening for a new show by chance. Elias and I jumped inside real quick for some shots and to check out the new space. TAG only opened a month ago so its new to the neighborhood but its also trying to make a lot of noise.

Show called Pop Fiction. Had some really cool pieces from a french artist specializing in ironic scuplture art.

The debut show was a collab DIY show full of these new brain toys that can be bought and then made into what ever you want (think Munny dolls from Kid Robot)

The store also had a ton of toys I had never seen before which was nice. When new stores open and all you see are the same cut and paste items on shelves, it can be disappointing. Here they had pieces from Ron English, Alex Pardee, Joe Ledbetter and many more notable artists.

After checking out the shop, we continued on our way to the Good Ol’ Apple Pan.

Always good stuff with Elias. Never a dull moment.

Get Rough, Stay Up


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2 Responses to We’ll always be bringin the funk …

  1. Hey do you remember Sinemax at Hard?

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