Down 6th, past South Central ave …

I was walking home last night on 6th through downtown. My bike had fucked up again and locked the back tire so I couldn’t even push it next to me. I had to walk over 15 blocks carrying this bike on my shoulders/arms to get to the metro.

All the while, I look around at where I am. 6th and Alameda (five blocks from where a 16 year old shot another 16 yr old, last night)

Now neighborhoods like this don’t scare me as easily as they would others. I grew up in not the best neighborhoods and I also grew up being in The City (SF) with all the crazies, so I can handle my own. That doesn’t mean that it wasn’t nerve racking walking past all these hungry eyes, tents, cardboard slabs and mixed up piles of chairs/clothes/tvs/toys and whatever newspaper you can find to throw on there. There is planty to not feel safe about but if you act it, they will see it.

The real point is that, While walking through there listening to “Dance.Love” from Kaskade on my iPhone, carrying my bright/shiny green broken bike on my shoulders and looking the way I do; I was honestly humbled. Humbled by the fact that while my life situation isn’t the most ideal at the moment, I could be worse off. I could be this guy i’m walking past, sleeping on the sidewalk with my 3 same blankets every night, people walking by and taking my things while I sleep, no privacy ever, no creative outlets. Now I am not looking down on this man, he is making due with what he has, which isn’t a lot, and I can respect that. I am just thankful to have friends, family and the drive to keep me out of the gutter.

Its one of the easiest places to end up and the hardest to get out of.

Get Rough, Stay Up


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