Final Day…

im getting the hang of this going out multiple nights a week for no specific reason stuff, its a little strange but I also welcome it.

A lot can happen today or in a day for that matter. Its so funny how things change so quickly. You can plan something for months but when it comes to the day, anything can happen for it to go wrong. You never know where your going to end up or how but if you worry about it all the time you’ll never get there. One minute you are safe in your house and the next you are… well, not. that’s really how it happens.

A night is never wasted if I made a connection though and last night I met a couple people that you may just seen on here in the future.

Well, here we go with another….. lets see if this day turns out at all how I hope.

Get Rough, Stay Up



About rough and greedy

Street life : Design : Street wear Get Rough, Stay Up
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