Tell that bitch to be cool, say “bitch! be cool!” …

Last night I finally got to check out The Yost Theater in Santa Ana (Downtown Orange County). They have a lot of really awesome shows here and they even started following me a couple months back on twitter oddly enough.

So when I was offered an opportunity to come and shoot the show from a company called Into the AM, I was more than excited. Only problem was finding a ride but one of my new and really good friends Jimmy (who I met at identity festival) was totally down to go.

When I got there, it turned out they wanted me to shoot a lot of group/crowd shots. I didn’t even think before hand but I had my short 50mm on and stock flash. When I shoot normally, I don’t use flash and I shoot stylized with the 50, I.E. no wide shots. That wasn’t going to stop me though, so I took some pics of people and handed out cards but I also shot the djs as I had intended.

Opening Dj was Michael James. This guy set it off right for sure.

This Girl had me mesmerized for a good portion of the night 😉

This place was awesome too because they had performers like GoGo Dancers in the cages, on the stage, girl in a swing, stilt walker and a balancing act.

So then This dude came on…

Josh Billings . I love seeing opener djs ive never heard now cause they tend to just blow me away. This guy was no different.

He threw down some awesome beats most of which I am now assuming are his own after him telling that the Ellie Golding Remix he played was. Be on the look out for this guy and if you live in Newport BEach then check him out at his residency at FOCUS

Here’s a shot for the sneaker heads. Yolanda Be Cool.

These guys were awesome and hilarious. I haven’t gotten the chance to be on stage for a lot of dj sets but theirs was a really fun one. They took turns on the tables while also taking turns drinking with friends backstage. They were dancing, running around and just having the best time. It was so awesome to see.

Filled with shenanigans and smiles.

I hope I get to do this more…

Get Rough, Stay Up


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