Lets keep it real…

Life is tough guys. Sorry for the lack of updates after this insane weekend I had but “real life” is catching up with me. Dealing with my school being all fucked up and (seemingly) not knowing what they are doing at all with paperwork, problems with my building manager, Looking for a new place to live, finding a 9-5 ….. the list right now is endless of things I need to take care of outside of Rough and Greedy.

This is how things go sometimes though. You can’t really plan when all the situations in your life go well and when they are going to shit. You just gotta handle it the best way you can and above all make sure you have people around you love and who love you. With good intentions in your heart sometimes thats all you need. Life is never perfect and all the un-perfect moments in life are what make it worth doingm without these we’d have no comparison for when we have the best nights of our life.

To know the Good, you have to understand the Bad.

I will be doing a HARD update hopefully later today and will keep the updates coming as much as I can. I have a couple shows to tell you guys about as well, Some Shirt for Shows projects are happening NO DOUBT!!!! 🙂

Get Rough, Stay Up


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