Is this Real Life?

Before I get into the actual show, lets talk about life and timing.

Now a days, I almost never rush to get anywhere. I just have noticed that no matter what, when you are supposed to be somewhere, that’s where you are. Too many things happen TO me, for me to think any other way. You will never be able to be at every show or every event but it never matters, where you are is where you are supposed to be.

Start the night of HARD with a day PACKED full of shit to take care of and errands to run. Fast forward through all that to me being downtown at Rocky and Chris’ house getting ready. Its already 7:45 meaning the show started over 2 hours before. We weren’t planning on being there at 5 but we were trying to go for as much as we could of course. Also some friends went on Friday night as well so they weren’t pressed for time on getting there. I just roll with the punches on the night of shows though.

Most accidents and problems you can’t avoid so freaking out never helps. So here I am throwing my pants on and putting on eye liner myself cause my other friends are coming to pick me up and they want to get to the show ASAP. jump in the car and of course there is traffic getting to the shrine. Smoke up. Then we get a little lost going past the venue looking for parking other than $20 lots. We get turned around, lost a little bit and then finally we find a spot.

Walk up to the wrong side of the venue. haha

Ofcourse we did. One more problem right? Well, 2 seconds later, as we are walking up I see The Roadhog (Skrillex’s tour manager) behind the HARD stage exit. The dude is a beast. Super tall with an awesome beard. haha I approach him, go to shake his hand and then Bam! we both turn as a group approaches us. Who is it?

Skrillex, 12th planet and friends. No joke.

They had the biggest smiles on and we so stoked to say whats up to us. We walked with them for about 10 seconds as they were escorted inside. Wishing them a great set while shaking hands with the DJs that, later that night, literally blew my mind was almost mind bending.

Ever since moving to LA, I have met and become friends with more of my idols and people I look up to then I could have ever imagined. These people aren’t just people I respect and look up to however, they are my peers. I am someone who wants to be IN these circles, doing work WITH these people. I feel that maybe this is why I meet many djs how I do.

This is life people. Perfect timing at the wrong times. Every single second we were lost that night, every missed parking spot and every wrong turn led us to that exact spot at the back of the venue exactly when they were being rushed in.


Get Rough, Stay Up


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