Heartbreaker …

I don’t think I can say it enough, Life is fucking crazy.

Last week, I turned in head shots for a friend and I to be extras in a Steve Aoki video. No response until Sunday and they let me know, Call time was 7am. Show up thinking “ok probably gonna be lots of rave girls and Kandi bracelets today” and seeing no more than 10 people just hanging out, I was surprised. Go inside, only crew inside. “is this everyone?” Spoke with the producer and yes, turns out we were 2 of 10 extras on set. What the fuck?

They fit us with skates and have us do some scenes for extra shots and back round action. I dont wan’t to talk about the video all that much cause Legal can be crazy and cause I want you guys to be surprised when you see it 🙂

Then I got to stand in for Steve’s Lighting while he was getting his skates on. whaaaat 😉

Theres Steve with LoveFoxx , The singer on his new single. She was SOOOOOOO nice. 🙂 and here is my new friend Bailey, in her star studded moment, flirting with Steve.

There were some cameo’s throughout the day, here’s Steve with Mark (The Cobra Snake), Danny Masterson and LoveFoxx.

and here is me with Steve after we wrapped the last scene

Look for this shot in Rolling Stone 😉

Never miss an opportunity to do something, anything, cause you never know where it will take you and who you will meet along the way…

Get Rough, Stay Up


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