Kids at the bar…

Last night was my second time photographing for Into the AM events. This time the event was in Hermosa Beach at a place called the Ocean Bar. Super cool place. Really liked the atmosphere and the outside patios. When I got there, Into the AM‘s head resident DJ, DirtyRock, was throwing down.

This dude was awesome. His set was super killer, lots of jams I wouldve dropped and some I wasnt expecting to hear. Loved it.

Also got to chat it up with him for a little after his set. He welcomed to the (into the am) fam and I gave him ups on his set. Super chill guy, Hope I get to photograph him a bunch in the future.

Then Mr.White came on. I talked to some freinds I ran into at the show and otehr randoms and people either came to see Mr.White or didnt know he was playing were really jazzed when I shared that info with them. If you don’t know, Mr.White is a resident at Avalon’s Control in Hollywood. He shares the spot with another friend of mine BONES.

He always throws hard. Mixing house, with some dub and usually dropping some hip hop in there 😉 the guys is clean as hell.

This is also my second time photographing Mr.White so it was cool just knowing that while watching him in this new place. Its also very cool to me that he comes and slamms this bar in Hermosa Beach on a thursday and is owning a crowd 3 times its size at Control. When you get “too big to play for a party”, you aren’t someone I want to really support anymore. I mean granted they dont, but you know skrillex or aoki or Porter Robinson can still rock the shit out of bars.

Till the next time …

(hopefully for Steve Aoki and 12th Planet) **fingers crossed

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