Stare like you’ll stay …

The days are just fucking flying by now. Life is literally closing in on me and opening up so many fucking doors at the same time, its driving me crazy. How can I be staring down the barrel of a (so to speak) gun and also be opening my heart and mind to this amazing world and all the opportunities it has for someone like me?

First thing, I get on that Steve Aoki video shoot. Leads me to hanging with the cobra snake more, meeting some new friends and possibly interning at Dim Mak records. Continuing on, I enter a random contest again and Win tickets to see Porter Robinson at Marquee, the night before his Hollywood show….. are you fucking kidding? haha no I seriously won that shit. haha this is why you will never again find me on the “glass half empty” side of life cause no matter the hardships you have and no matter the problems you are dealing with at the moment, there is always opportunity to be had in this world. SO TAKE IT!

Now if I can only find a home…

My sister is a boss.

Lets see what we can cook up this weekend/week. Stability. Its the only word I am continuously thinking about.

Get Rough, Stay Up


About rough and greedy

Street life : Design : Street wear Get Rough, Stay Up
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