Anticipation …

I cannot wait to meet you

And i know

And I know

Ill have to learn how to teach you

I need to let the fool in me go

Im gonna work like crazy

Give you everything you need

Melt the the world and you will see

I will see you soon

Ill be waiting at the other end

Take your time coming through

You will never have to do this again

I will show you all

The lessons ive learned will have to guide

I’ll come running when you call

But for now just stay inside.

These amazing words are from the new Skream ft Sam Frank single – Anticipate. This duo can not produce a song I don’t love. (Magnetic Man’s single with her is ok but, with Skream only <3) These words are so inspirational. Pretty sure they are about his new born son. Skream has been djing and producing since he was 15 (now 28 I believe). He is one of the “founding fathers” of dubstep music and the maturity in his producing now is just amazing.

These words just make me think of how blind we all really are to situations before we are in them. We all know how to raise kids and what to do but do you really until you have your own? how to teach them, show them what to do, show them how to be? Every kid is different but so is every adult that raises them. All we can do is be confident in what we know and simply hope that it is enough to get us through.

Get Rough, Stay Up


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