Dem bones, dem bones, Zedd Bones …

Last Tuesday was Zedd and Bones at Dim Mak Studios

This place is awesome and the combination of Zedd and Bones was phenomenal. Above is Ana Luno, an Australian Dj out here on a little mini tour of her own. She rocked the place super hard while looking sooo cute the whole time. Smiles everywhere. 🙂 Hope to see this girl do more things in the future.

Bones took the stage and really just killed it. He was perfect for hyping up the crowd as the place started to get more and more packed with bodies.

Then Zedd.

Shave it.

Chilled in the service booth with all my friends who had gotten there as Bones was playing. I love going to these kinds of shows.

It was an awesome night. Due to me not having a car and not always being able to find someone down to go to shows, I was un able to photograph the show the following night in Santa Ana. Super bummer but there’s always next time

Get Rough, Stay Up


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