Changing lanes …

This past Friday, I literally had the most amazing trip. It was a whirlwind of about 12 hours. Drove from LA with my friend all the way to Vegas for Porter Robinson at Marquee. I had never been to Vegas before so this was all new to me in every way. So we get there, walk around for about an hour and then its time to go to the show 🙂

Nothing could have prepared me for this night. haha The club, the crowd and his performance. We walked in to Adrian Lux playing on the main, this kid looked about my age (23) and he was killin it. Automatically I could tell this was not like a club I had ever been to before, the crowd was NOT there for the dj. This crowd was so involved in themselves it was ridiculous. haha All guys are there to get girls and if they arent its cause they have a girl on their arm already and are just looking to get drunk at Marquee on a Friday night.

This places set up was FUCKING AMAZING. White funktion 1’s (best club speakers known to man) and three stories of LED walls? It was insane, No wonder Kaskade loves this place.

It was funny cause I could tell through out the show that not a lot of people where actually there to see Porter. They were there and were pumped while he was on, but it was obvious that less than half the crowd was stoked like me. Made for a wierd vibe, not to mention all the douche bag guys that I had to yell at. This crowd just didnt know how to handle themselves. Either Rolling TOO FACE or they were WAYY TOO DRUNK.  haha Vegas right?

Porter changed my life this night. His performance was literally mind blowing and his live production is above ALL LEVELS i’ve seen before. Mixing exactly how I wish I could, he just juggles your emotions inside the speakers until he is ready to throw them in your face. Non stop energy with him.

Porter IS the future. Don’t forget I told you.

Videod his intro …

And when he dropped Say my name 🙂

Get Rough, Stay Up


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