Drink the Sea …


I dont know how to start this post cause I dont know where its going. Much like this Blog/Company/Entity I created one year ago today.

RoughandGreedy.com as you see it here is officially One year old today. This is a very happy moment for me. Not only because this means that over the course of a year (just a little more if you count when I had roughandgreedy.blogspot.com) Does anyone remember that?

Ive come into a very different place then I was then. I have jumped into a million and a half projects since and they have all transformed who I am and what Rough and Greedy has become. Centralizing more around music now than Graffiti, though I still dabble in it all. This has been my journey in Los Angeles. This city that in just 2 years has given me more than I can even think of having somewhere else. San Francisco will always be my home, but LA is my new crush. Its where work gets done.

Only myself and my close friends know where we plan to take the name/brand of Rough and Greedy but I can tell you that 2012 will be full of big things for us.

Now this date is not only significant because of Rough and Greedy’s b-day but because my other half , Sebastian, whom you’ve heard me mention in the past is one year sober today. Now some may understand this and some may not but I am so proud of him for his strength and continuous drive. Its not easy out here in the world, especially dealing with things that everyday people all around you just can’t understand.

This day is now for the celebration of Progress, Brotherhood, Imagination and Life. I didn’t even know the significance of it until last night and now could not be happier that Skrillex’s Manager Tim, who I have since met outside a show with Skrillex ( unbenounced to him ) , sent me that cease and desist for the Wobble Land tee that literally blew up on the internet just a year ago today.

I could talk forever about the brand and the progress in different directions Ive made but Ill just keep updating regularly and let you guys continue to watch me grow.

If you are a supporter and check the blog regularly, Please tell your friends. I have great feelings about the future.

Get Rough, Stay Up


About rough and greedy

Street life : Design : Street wear Get Rough, Stay Up
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