My favorite music box …

When I first moved to Los Angeles, I was living in West Hollywood. Let alone was LA this new playground of mine but I had moved into the mecca of street wear (3 blocks from fairfax, my cross street was Rosewood) and the heart of entertainment. My first show after moving here was The Glitch Mob at The Henry Fonda Music Box. To say that the music played at this show changed my life would be an understatement.

Walking into the Music Box that night I had no idea what I was going to experience and in such an amazing place. To be able to walk onto the roof and see Hollywood just sitting at your finger tips. Nothing was out of reach and at this show I could finally see that.

Fast forward about 4-5 months. My girl Reecee over at Nike hits me up and asks if I want to do some shirts for a give away at a sneak event. I dont know it till we get there but its the sneaker pimps event and travis barker is performing. No big deal, just got to shoot him sound checking and roam the Music Box while the show was set up. Felt amazing and that was the night I officially met my now good friend Shoe Wolf.

Fast forward through the next year of going to numerous shows at the music box and always having an amazing time. meeting so many amazing people. I have literally made friends and memories inside those doors that I will never forget and that I simply cant. So much love.

Sadly, this may be no more. I am sharing these memories because my beloved Music Box is now closed indefinitely. Something about lease renewal and people are throwing around rumors about the city not liking the insomniac shows going on there but who knows, all I know is that I wish it wasnt so and I really do hope it comes back.

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