History in the making …

On February 11th, The night before Skrillex won 3 grammy’s, while Diplo and Atrak were nominated for ones of their own, they rocked Belasco Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles. Throwing in an opener by the name of Dillon Francis just made the show completely worth the hassle of dealing with scalpers to then have more tickets released to go in the am and get them.


While Dillon was on, I noticed the text from the flyer floating around on the screen displays. The text would bounce around as letters, then come together to form the name of the current artist on stage. So while this is going on, there is an ampersand (&) floating around as well, Me being a nerd, I started wondering why that was there. There was no ampersand on the flyer… I would know. So Dillon is ending with his classic “tequila” ending and asks if everyone is ready for Atrak???

Diplo starts to set up on stage….. Atrak starts to set up on stage ….

You heard him, Not since 06-07 have they performed together but they threw such a HARD set it was ridiculous. It was so impressive watching these masters of the decks do their work. they are both so confident on stage and know exactly what they are doing so much so that improvising a 2 hour set was nothing new but deffo something special.


After already seeing a headline worthy performance, then came Skrillex. Who I had seen earlier in the month but that only made me more excited to see him again. He kills it live now!


This night was no different. Nothing matters to Him except the party.


No hype. No hip influence, I am so happy for Sonny and all he is doing. Nothing makes me smile bigger than watching him jam out on stage. Knowing he is my age, knowing that I have been watching him perform since 04, its just a feeling a bliss and not for myself but for him.


Get Rough, Stay Up


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