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Ive been missing out on doing a bunch posts for shows so here is a little catch up …

Zedd and Skrillex

My first time at Exchange LA. Felt like a vegas club in LA. Super modern and upscale but also awesome.

Prior to The LA takeover of Skrillex, My friend Adam hit me up about the Zedd show and specifically about making shirts for the show because he and his friends would be attending. I met Adam on the set of the Steve Aoki Heartbreaker music video (still not sure why that video hasnt been released yet). We were talking about Identity festival and after bringing up Le Castle Vania, Adam mentioned the shirts I made that he saw everyone wearing. I told him I made them and that brings us to now …


I had more photos of the process, but somehow they were corrupted while transferring :/ so all I have are these


One of the most powerful designs ive done, no doubt because of the color way and the prominence of the Skrillex logo. I had to stencil two sizes for the zedd letters one for the guys and one for the girls. I also sprayed some awesome back hits, each was done a little differently. The paint or blood splatter on each shirt was done this was as well.

Needless to say the show was amazing. I had never heard the opener, Child in Disguise, but man he got shit goin. I have since become a big fan and hope to catch another show soon. Here is a vid of him rockin the decks and playing what I can only assume is his remix of “cold as ice” by Foreigner.

While he was playing I notice the venue and how unique it really is. The stage is connected to the VIP balcony area by two lit staircases that go diagonally up into the corners of the venue. Visually seeing the Djs and their friends prepping for the set is awesome, not to mention the excitement of actually seeing them walk on stage. Its one thing to wait for them to appear as they normally do and a whole other to watch them walk to the decks.

They started giving out the HUGE foam glowsticks that obviously cost 5 cents cause every single club gives them out like toothpicks, haha rant over, and we knew something was changing. Here comes this little silhouette standing somewhere around 5’6-7 by my gauge, nothing but smiles from this guy


I will say, in my opinion, Zedd is reinventing Hardstyle music. I have seen him twice recently now and both times, his original tracks (RELEASE THEM ALREADY!!!!!) are so HARD and he knows just how to keep you interested. Also his DaftPunk “one more time” bootleg is FUCKING AMAZING, I want to be his friend just so I can have that track haha

Then, filling the stairs on both sides with silhouettes of girls and tall dudes with long hair, came the moment that this under packed (thank god) club was waiting for. Sonny took the stage and rocked it like I had never seen before.


I have so much to say about Sonny that ive decided to do a separate post about it and I will just say that, watching him perform at the Exchange was one of the best moments I will ever experience at an electro event, ever.

My friends and I were the last ones to leave, so we got one of the security guards to take this picture.


also found this video from the event … Check for me being interviewed by another photographer in between seconds 14-17 😉 LINK HERE

Now Hook n Sling,

I first saw him open for Wolfgang Gartner back in October of last year . If you follow me on any social media site or read the blog back then, you know how impressed I was by this Aussie and that it was his FIRST SHOW EVER in Los Angeles.

One night after a show, I believe it was the Skrillex/Zedd show, I got a control calendar in which a friend of mine had told me I should go to Bingo players on the 18th cause she was going and we hadn’t seen each other since Identity fest. This leads me to the line “Bingo Players – Hook n Sling”.

I flipped my shit and immediately began thinking of a design to do for the show. This was to be his second show here so that was alone was very exciting. I began ranting and raving about it to all my friends via text, facebook but mainly twitter. This drawing his attention to the topic, we communicated shortly after the last show as well via twitter, so he replied. Getting the attention of the artist only fuels my fire. Its like, now they are looking at you, do it big and do it right.


I originally intended to include the bingo players, resizing and moving the letters around after it was digital but I liked the design as a single name and a lot bigger on the shirt. More Powerful. No disrespect to Bingo Players but I was there to support Hook anyways.


My friend, Trevor who I talk about sometimes (you may know him as Gotta Dance Dirty’s Co-Creator Bones) , hooked me up with Ryan (jasoo) from Control and I told him about the shirt and that Hook knew it was coming.


He was so fucking stoked. No emphasis needed. He and his manager flipped for the shirt and the fact that I actually made them. Before I could even ask for my own, His manager snapped a pic of us and was circulating it by email. Given he is not a brand, he talked about giving the shirt to his girl which I am more than stoked on. I hope she enjoys the shirt. He even shouted me out, with the pic his manager took, on his Facebook and Twitter. Nicest dude. So proud to support him.

I went to Dirtyrock/Bones/Dillon Francis but no photos. It was Dim Mak Tuesdays. Drunk.

Then came the end of the world …

12th Planet/Flinch/Kastle

Ill just let the pictures do the talking. These performers were incredible to watch.





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