Risk business …

Last week I noticed a flyer on the floor of my friends two door cougar, the second name on it was Alvin Risk . If you know the up and comers right now in the electro scene, he is in the top 5. Still under 25 years old the guy is an inspiration. So I see the flyer, I forget about it. Then I see it again the day of the show, on the floor of my apartment, and decided that I wanted to go. Threw my name on the guestlist and started sketching up a design to stencil out. I had NO TIME for this one so it was straight to the cardboard. Image




Dont get me wrong, and ive probably said it before, I love silk screening and cannot wait to have my own set up but I fucking love stenciling my designs. It keeps me in the lines of simplicity over anything.




Every design has a different method and ways of making it look how it does, if you can break it down by colors, effects and layers, then any design can be stenciled.



The show itself was pretty sweet. The openers could use some work knowing what an opening set it but to each his own. Alvin fucking owned it. Playing in his signature argyle sweater, the man was everything you wanted him to be and more. He even started singing along to tracks that werent his own, maybe not a thing everyone loves but I myself like doing that so to see another dj do it and see some of the crowd reacting in a positive way was really awesome.


Designer Drugs, himself , was awesome but the show sucked. He had THE WORST HYPE MAN IN THE WORLD. no joke. This fucking guy couldnt go 10 seconds with a “where the noise at avalon?” or chanting something like “come on, come on, bring it up , bring it up, gooooo” during a build up and a break down. Im sorry but hype men RUIN shows, They are never good for more than a song and they are never needed if the dj is well known.

Get Rough, Stay Up


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