Keeping with the flow …

I still am around internet this morning so I figured, why not do another post.

I start school again this week. Not too stoked to be taking away from my working time but Im in two classes that are gonna be pretty fun. One is gonna kick my ass.

No worries though, such is life. Ill just keep chilling with my girl penny for as long as I can …



Other than that, there are lots of things happening behind the scenes right now. Ive probably said it on here before but ive learned to not talk about things until they are tangible. Therefore not talking about projects coming up but talk about projects im putting out, Dont talk about a collab you are gonna do cause chances are it wont work out, not for lack of trying but for the numerous other reasons going into this business.

I will say that, more people are now involved with Rough and Greedy than ever. The team is growing in small increments when I decide to bring in more of my family to help me run new aspects of projects. Some bring their own ideas and some are here to help with preconceived plans, either way, there’s only one end goal …

Get Rough, Stay Up



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