17 years of age …

When I was, I was being straight edge, causing trouble in my small town and playing in bands around the various towns. I could only imagine what it would be like to play for entire crowds that came to just see you. Now these dreams wouldn’t come for me at the time because back then I had no idea what I was doing, hell I barely knew how to explain what a producer was and I had recorded an album with my band before.

Hugo Pierre Leclercq better know to myself and the world as his stage name , MADEON, is only 17 years old and in just the past week and a half has played Coachella twice, sold out a headlining show in LA and played a sold out show with the other Top producer under 21, Porter Robinson.

I attended the Roxy show on Tuesday night with some friends and made some new friends that night as well.Here is a link for a couple videos including one where I film him through 3D glasses while he plays a remix of Blurs “Song 2”

He looks younger in person …








I just can’t imagine having missed this show really. I have wanted to see Madeon for 2 years now and with his only other so cal performance (besides Coachella) being a new years eve one, this was a must.

I’m so impressed by talents like Madeon. He has said his biggest influences are The Beatles and Daft Punk, and with influences like that you just cant go wrong. Its not amazing that he can make music cause hes so young, I had friends and kids around me when I was 17 making music on advanced levels as well. Its his drive and passion for the music that pushed him past producing in a bedroom and just playing in some clubs around France.

Entering a remix contest for Pendulum at the age of 16? Does he even really expect to win? Better question:  What 16 year old actually finishes that remix project? but Madeon has changed the way people can see producers. I believe he, being French, is more mature than an American 17 year old but that is only judging by his producing and the way he has carried his carrier.

See Madeon live.

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