Dim Mak Post Coachella Party …

Earlier this week I made a split second decision to buy a ticket for the annual Dim Mak studios “Secret Guests Post Coachella Party” . Got there and got in just in time to catch my homie Bones throw a couple songs


The guy is a beast. Plain and simple. oh and did I mention he co-created the blog/company Gotta Dance Dirty ?

He then passed the deck to an Aussie better known by the name Wax Motif


He definitely held his own. Had never seen before either so that always nice especially him being from Australia. After he put it down on the decks for a little bit, it was time for something special to happen.

Steve (Aoki) had been wandering the crowd and was now on stage looking for the mic. Accompanying him was a tall white guy in an NY ball cap. Steve then announced that Michael Woods had recently moved to LA and would be rocking the decks around Dim Mak quite a bit in the future, the first of many times being this night.


He for sure blew me away. Going from heavy house to some trance. It was very refreshing to hear. The dude apparently rocked The Avalon not too long ago so im super stoked I got to see him in this environment.

By this time in the night, word was flowing around the select circles of who was going to be playing. There was a for sure next up …. LA Riots.


Some other rumors were running around about Aoki and R3hab sharing the decks, maybe Datsik was there too…. Turned out it was just Steve rocking the decks with all new tracks.


Steve is a showman I will give him that. It was beyond awesome seeing him in his home town spot, scratch that, his home. The guy made Dim Mak what it is today and to be able to return and rock a small room just as hard as you rock a 4,000+ stadium, the guy is a legend in his own right.


I first saw Steve almost a year ago at Identity festival LA in September. Even as big as he is and as much as I am into electronic music, I had never really paid attention to him. He always seemed like more hype than he was worth and don’t get me wrong, he is A LOT of hype, but he holds his own in the end. Since Identity, I have had multiple run ins with Steve and The Cobra Snake, one being the set of Steve’s Music Video “Heartbreaker” . I have grown to appreciate these two for what they do and mostly for what they have done.


BARE finished out the late night hour from 2-3 am but I was out of there for that. Bare is chill but im not down with all the Brostep. Sorry.

I did get tons of video from the show though so head to the youtube channel and check em out

I did run into Steve again though as we were leaving. He was getting his car from the same valet.


We chatted for a little about the set and he let me know about a little project he has cooking with Muska… Chad Muska that is.

Get Rough, Stay Up


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