WHY we do this …

I received this email yesterday and it sparked me into this next blog post. This brand is a disgrace to all designing and everything that is wrong with the HYPE in street wear right now. All these kids just wanna be Wiz Khalifa. If I had my parents money I could have a “collection” too.

People may say that I don’t have much room to talk out against other brands as I do because really what have I put out?

Nothing for the public to buy and nothing that in any way constitutes a “collection”but what I do have is knowledge. I KNOW what I’m talking about and my opinions don’t come from a place of envy or jealousy, they come from a designer aspect with a street wear influence.

I didn’t get into clothing as a graphic designer and street wear was NOT the genre that brought me into it. I started making clothing in 2003-04. I had recently made friends with these “cool guys” at my school. they were older than me and in a band that they had also welcomed me into. Basically making me learn guitar enough to play with them because they liked me.

My good friend Rob Walker was one of these people. I can still remember the day and place. I had just helped them set up from a show at a rec center in Foster City, Ca , day time show for a lunch type of thing. We were loading things into his Blue Ford SUV and he started playing this music. I didn’t know what it was. Rob hands me a cd and says its this band “The Matches” they used to be called “The locals”. I knew the band The Locals but had no idea that this band, The Matches, would show me my future.

After the first time I saw The Matches live I went home and made my first shirt. You see, the lead singer Shawn, would do the same. His outfits were always pieces that he had sewn or created himself. This was more than an inspiration for me. It was like an awakening. A calling. This is what I always wanted in high school, was to be different in ways that others couldn’t just simply do themselves. This led me to creating my entire wardrobe through out high school, continuously making and remaking shirts, making shirts that night to wear to school the next morning even.Not stopping at shirts either, I made pants, sweaters, and anything else that could be sewn or painted on.

After all my teenage angst and after my experimental move to Santa Cruz which led me into Graffiti, screen printing and Dubstep Music, I was living in San Francisco (well Castro Valley at the time) and I was attending a Sample Sale for a clothing company very near and dear to me and they approached me with an internship, to which I of course said yes. This is another brand that shaped my clothing and really shaped how I was able to express my self. Their name is Nice Collective and they hail from SF.

This is where I learned what a REAL clothing company is. This is where I established my point of view of the clothing industry and what it really is. Quality over Repetition. Conceptualization and Completion. This company really showed me everything I wanted to know and more. In all honesty, I really hope to work with them in the future on more than just one project.

After this internship, I started my schooling. Now graphic designing, I will give it to the street wear community. Learning about brands like Johnny Cupcakes and The Hundreds are what originally introduced me into what a graphic designer was. Even though I had already known about photoshop and illustrator. I remember my first side project that I wanted to accomplish was a bunch of Johnny Cupcake logos in the style of different fast food joints (taco bell, white castle, etc) … never completed that cause Johnny’s brand got too big and I had no where near the skill to complete those logos on the computer. haha

I have always been an observer. Its how I learn things. Its what I give credit to a lot of my natural rhythm and ability to paint. I grew up watching my Mom paint and then painting with her as often as I could. I also grew up in the backseat of my Dad’s Volkswagen Carmengia watching him drum on the steering wheel and listening to him sing out every word to every song. Of course I was the little boy that wanted to be like my dad because who doesn’t want to be musical but I was more like my mom because of how much time I spent with her and how much I cared about her.

This is why I am who I am, and why I can talk how I talk. I KNOW where I come from and why I think the way I do. I have read more books on graffiti then a lot of you know exist. I am in schooling for graphic design and am constantly analyzing every piece of text I see. This isn’t a list to say I’m better than others cause I’m not, I just think differently. To know why I think that way is just a self reflection and that is what people and designers lack in themselves is the ability to look at yourself, know why you have the talents you have and why you have the faults.

Hope that didn’t sound preachy ….

Get Rough, Stay Up


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